Eva Bjerga Haugen

A finalist in the highly prestigious Norwegian jazz competition “Jazz Intro” and 2010 Artist of the year in her hometown, the talented young Norwegian vocalist – Eva Bjerga Haugen is a master student and teacher at the UiS Jazz Department in Norway and has worked with many notable jazz artists, performing at prestigious jazz festivals, among some of which are Vossa Jazz, MaiJazz, Nattjazz, Moldejazz, and her concerts have been broadcasted on both national television and radio.

A former classical pianist, Eva, is currently working on her debut album. Supporting her on stage are Erik Eriksen Trio comprising of Erik Eriksen (piano), Lars Tormod Jenset (bass), Andreas Bye (drums).

VIsit her MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/evabjergahaugen