Formed in 2015, SE:UM was selected as a PAMS choice at the Seoul Art Market in the same year. Based on a combination of Korean traditional music elements of Samulnori, Korean folk songs, Sanjo, Pansori, shaman and western  instrumentation of bass, saxophone, SE:UM continue the tradition of ethnic Korean music but are also aware they are living in the 21st century as they immerse themselves in modern music. Traditional sounds are mixed with jazz, folk, and freeform style to create an entirely new and exciting fusion.

A general outline of the trance-fusion music of SE:UM would be the seamless transitioning between the slow and peaceful thrum of the contrabass to the eruptive trumpet and drum with an emotional attachment to each song. The gayageum makes SE:UM’s music stand out, for its harmonious rhythm
merges perfectly with the jazz beats. Melodic trances induce imagery of walking through the corridors of the past, to then, be met around the corner by a battleground between trumpet and saxophone.

Members of SE:UM are Lee Joon (gayageum), Lee Minhyung (jang-gu), Ha SengKook (trumpet), Han Hunsik (saxophone) and Lee Jaeha (bass)