Vladmir Cetkar

JAZZ BY THE BEACH STAGE – SUNDAY : 4th December 2016
10.40pm – 11.25pm

vladmir-cetkar-1During his early growing years, Macedonian born, Vladimir Cetkar played the violin. Greatly influenced by jazz, funk, soul and disco bands and musicians of the ‘80s, he switched to the guitar and later in life went to Berklee College of Music where he focused on contemporary writing and production with the jazz guitar as his main instrument.

With his passion, energy and diverse musical persona, Vladimir Cetkar’s hallmark is his ability to seamlessly combine his many talents as a guitarist, vocalist, arranger, composer and producer of the highest order.

The evident musical influences may transport you back in time to the musical era when bands like Chic and Earth Wind and Fire ruled the musical cosmos. But Vladimir’s new sound, original music expression, and contemporary production return you to the present, and portend a strong future for this genre of music.


Vladimir has released two albums and his latest release can be described as his original music cocktail, incorporating a pristine distillate of the Jazz, Pop, Soul and Disco sounds of the late 70’s and early 80’s, along with a hint of what’s to come.

Joining Vladimir on stage are Benno Sattler on drums and Marcus Ho on bass.

Vladimir Cetkar’s appearance at The Penang island Jazz Festival is supported by The Macedonian Ministry of Culture